Hello! Thanks for clicking on my legacy! This is my first legacy, and I’m currently writing 2 others, but they are still a wip….as for this one, its mainly the blog’s layout that I’m constantly hammering at, haha
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The Random Legacy Challenge

Marital Status: Second Chance
This works like Couple, with the added requirement that your sim must have at least two partners/spouses over the course of his/her generation. The first partner must be in at least partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) status, and you must have at least one child by the first partner/spouse. The first partner/spouse must be moved in and everything. … At some point after you have had at least one child by the first partner/spouse, that partner/spouse must go, either by death or break-up/divorce/separation. Then, your heir must find another sim to marry or move in. If you roll for only one child it must be by the first partner. If you roll for more than one you can divide them between the two partners however you like, so long as at least one is from the first partner. If you roll Perfect Careers or Fulfilled as goals, you may choose to reroll, since your partners may not have enough time to reach max careers or fulfill a LTW. But you may keep those rolls if you think you can manage them. If you choose to keep one of those goals, only one partner has to fulfill it, whichever one is in your control for the longest time.
Number of Children: 3 Children
Your generation is only allowed to have 3 children. Note that exceeding this number by having accidental twins or triplets is fine, but you must not have any more children after that.
Primary Career: Music (Classical)
Secondary Career: Inventor/Bot-Builder
Sell the fruits of your workbench or build plumbots to sell. Re-roll if you don't have Ambitions or ITF.
 Secondary Career: Private Investigator
Generational Goal: Property Mogul
Buy parts of at least 3 rabbit holes in town (whatever you want). You don’t have to be the owner, only at least a partner. You can also buy venues, and upgrade them. You are allowed to collect on the funds generated by these properties.
Miscellaneous Fun: The Joker
If you roll this, then you do not have a “Misc Fun” objective for this generation. You also have a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card, so to speak. You are allowed ONE extra re-roll of Challenge objectives. You may spend the Joker on any roll in any generation after it’s rolled (including the one it’s rolled for). Note that you’re only allowed to re-roll for a single category.
 Rules I will (or won’t) follow:
1. Set aging to normal.
2. This challenge runs for 10 generations.
3. You lose if you fail any of the randomized goals.
4. No cheating! (motherlode,maxmotives,kaching, testingcheats, though I will use testingcheats and mastercontroller if the story calls for it, but nothing to make the family richer.)
5. You may use an heir poll for the public to determine who is the heir. (that is, if anyone reads this ahaha)
6. Every trait rolled will be random.
7. There will be one family trait that is passed down  (which may differ with generations, generation 1 is virtuoso)